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Kalisha Pitts, Principal


As the principal of Maddux Elementary School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website where you can learn about our school environment, its rigorous curriculum, our dedicated staff, and our wonderful students.

Our testing results from 2011-2012 school year awarded us the status of an Achieving School. We aspire to achieve this attainable goal this year. To accomplish this task, we need your help, support, and understanding with our children.

Maddux Elementary wants all students to succeed. Therefore, we offer after school tutoring. Interventions and small group instruction is also provided during daily instruction. Students receive a comprehensive education that nurtures their academic and social growth. Our school provides a safe environment in which children feel welcomed and appreciated. We honor all learning styles and utilize research-based materials and effective teaching strategies, so that all students make progress. One of the essential components of a successful school is the partnership the school and parents have been working together for the best interest of children. It is important to your child that he or she knows that we are invested in their education.

The population we serve has grown and changed over the years, but Maddux's commitment to excellence has not. Maddux Elementary still holds a high achievement standard for its students as well as cultivates a learning environment for continuous growth and improvement.

William Fortson, Assistant Principal


I have been in education for 22 years. I first taught art here in the West Memphis School District here at Maddux Elementary and at L.R. Jackson. I have also taught art in Jonesboro, Arkansas and Harrisburg, Arkansas. I have served as principal at Rivercrest Jr/Sr. High School and currently going into my third year as assistant principal here at Maddux Elementary.

I believe that if we can help students learn that life is a series of choices and consequences we will have accomplished a lot toward them becoming productive members of society. All children can learn and be taught something that will better equip them for their future. We should focus on individual student needs, and meet those needs. By doing so, we are ensuring that all students are able to grow from year to year and improve their life skills, soft skills, and academic propensity.